How Inequality Destroys Society.

#NewEntrants #HowInequalityDestroysSociety


The idea that Government could treat current and new “entrants” differently is having a devastating effect on Irish society. Here are only a few of the many examples –


(1) In 2005, Noel Dempsey (FF) Minister for Education and Science decided to get rid of resource hours for children diagnosed with dyslexia and also those diagnosed with intellectual difficulties (Mild Learning Difficulty – which is not “mild” at all). He allowed those who had the resource hours to keep them. All new diagnoses (“new entrants”) would be without resource hours.


(2) In 2011 and again in 2012, new entrants to the public service had their pay slashed, but those currently in the job stayed on their old salary scale.


(3) 2012 teacher graduates had their qualification allowances taken away, despite working towards them and having an expectation of receiving them). Current teachers kept them.


(4) Today, 8/7/2016, the Irish Times tells us that patients currently being given an expensive cancer drug will still be given it, but “new entrants” will not.


Accepting the different treatment of “some”, the different treatment of “others” has led us to a society where some cancer patients are treated differently to others.


Everyone in society must fight inequality. As teachers, we must fight too and we must fight the inequality in our own back yard (the different treatment of “some” of our colleagues). It is disgusting and it is wrong to discriminate against people.


Government and Unions take note. We have had enough.




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